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“A life best lived is by design and not by experience, failure therefore is only a choice but not the answer. You have the life to become whatever you ought to be.

PENERIC, Director.

Who We Are

Darda Health Pre-University was formally registered as an international institution PENERIC HEALTH PRE-UNIVERSITY and was accredited by: International Accreditation Organization (IAO) of the USA and CSC thus the official platform of the ministration for education of the People’s Republic of China where students after successful completion of their Senior high school (SHS) travel abroad for specifically health related undergraduate programmes.


DARDA, the premier health Pre- University in Africa sought a local recognition from the Ghana Education Service (GES) and operate as a private institution with a Senior High School status and not a tertiary institution. This is to say that the recognition of certificates issued locally at the secondary level is accredited and governed by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

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Darda officially commenced as PENERIC in the year, 2012 until 2014 when it unveiled its new board of directors and registration as a new company, DARDA health Pre-University. It has so far graduated five different batches that have successfully enrolled in public universities such as the University of Health and Allied Sciences, University of Ghana, University for Development Studies, Central University, UEW, KNUST, Pentecost University College, etc. Some of our students also gained enrollment with nursing and midwifery colleges in Ghana as well as our international students can be found in institutions like the China Medical University, Bohai University, Shenyang Medical College, Hebei North University and Dalian Medical University (All in China).


We enroll Senior High School graduates with weak passes or those who failed their West African Examination Council’s (WAEC) exams into a one year remedial program blended with basics in the health courses like nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, medicine, etc. referred to as the pre-degree program.

Students are made to re-write those subjects (WASSCE) and also do a clinical attachment where upon successful completion, they gain direct admission into the colleges for a 3 year diploma or if university then 4 years Bachelor’s degree in their field of interest.

As a health pre-university we re-assure all those having failed or couldn’t get to their nursing and medical school dreams to re-position themselves with DARDA Health Pre-University.


SHS students who read Business and other non-science courses are also encouraged to apply as we change their electives to suit the entry requirements of both colleges and universities.

NVTI Healthcare and Medicine Counter Assistant (MCA) graduates are also admitted into our one year pre-degree program as a lot thought they were reading nursing and pharmacy respectively BUT only to complete and realize they were nowhere near their goals. It is not too late at all, just apply to us and we ever ready to welcome you. Even if you have F9 in chains don’t worry, apply.

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We forge to become the leading health pre-university in the world and building alliance with the giants in health education so as to boost the development of the country Ghana and the world at large.

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