Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What qualifies one to be admitted at Darda Health Pre-University?

A person qualifies to be admitted at Darda Health Pre-University when one has obtained a certificate which is equivalent to SSCE/WASSCE, MCA, NVTI, O’Level, A’Level etc.

2. What aggregate qualifies one to offer a diploma or pre-degree programme?

The aggregate that qualifies one to offer a diploma programme at Darda Health Pre-University College is aggregate 25 or more.

3. What programmes do we offer at Darda Health Pre-University?

We offer the following programmes at Darda Health Pre-University:


• All other related courses of HEALTH

1. Diploma Programmes (WAEC)
a. Advanced Business Certificate Exams (ABCE)
i. Business Administration
• Marketing
• Business Finance
• Human Resource Management
• Economics
• Business Communication
ii. Information Technology
• Information Technology
• Hardware & Networking
• Information System
• Marketing
• Human Resource Management
2. Certificate Programmes (WAEC)
b. General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE)
• Economics
• Social Studies
• English Language
• Integrate Science
• Commerce
• Marketing
• Office Practice
• Mathematics

4. Can one with a technical/vocational/business background gain admission to offer a programme at Darda Health Pre-University?

Yes, all students desirous of any programme can apply.

5. Do we take other certificates aside the WAEC?

Yes, we accept certificate like ABCE, GBCE, MCSE, Degrees Abroad, O’level and other certificates in IT and Health Administration?

6. Can someone without a NVTI Healthcare/HAC or MCA background gain admission at Darda Health Pre-University?

Yes, BECE students and other qualifications can apply for the GBCE programme, professional or IT short courses. Also, NVTI/NAC health certificate holders can apply and gain the opportunity to re-sit their WASSCE trailed subjects to meet any university requirement for a main Degree.

7. Do you have other sessions aside the morning session?

Yes, Weekend and Evening sessions available for all.

8. Do you have hostel facilities?

Hostel facilities proximal to the campus available.

9. Can one defer when faces financial difficulties?

Deferment is allowed upon notifying the academic and admissions office.

10. Will there be graduation after the pre-degree programme?

Graduation is done for all batches in a complete year combination

11. Can Darda Health Pre-University forms be obtained from any other place?

Yes, Darda Health Pre-University has executive agents nationally where forms could be obtained from your region or online download and the school premises.

12. When do we have new intakes?

We have two intakes in a year – January and September admissions.

13. Do we have any scholarship programmes?

Yes, every year Darda Health Pre-University issues scholarship for brilliant but needy Pre-Degree students to further their education in their admitted university of choice for DEGREE.

14. Can one still apply after admissions are made for a batch?

Yes, there is a grace period of at most two months after admissions.

15. Can one use the diploma/certificates for promotion at work or to get a job?

Yes, these certificates are from external examinations from WAEC and recognized IAO, USA accreditations.

16. Is the ABCE equivalent to HND?

ABCE is a diploma and HND is a higher diploma.

17. Can the GBCE certificate be used to apply for nursing training college, teacher training college or universities?

GBCE certificates are equivalent to the WASSCE/SSCE and can be used to gain admission into the universities or other colleges; however it is not a requirement for nursing training college due to its business background.

18. Where can Darda Health Pre-University be located?

We located at Kasoa, 45minutes drive from Accra. Specifically, KASOA ESTATE TOP (Safari area close to the Zenith School) – Off Nyanyano road

19. Does Darda Health Pre-University have other branches in Ghana?

No. Regional branches in the pipeline

20. Can they use our certificates to apply for public universities? Do you have installment payment facilities?

Yes, both private and public university. Darda Health has flexible installment plans for its students to ease them of their financial burden.

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